Information Memorandum

An Information Memorandum (IM) is a professional document to motivate potential investment into the business offering transparency on key details. Owners should avoid exaggeration, and aspire to disclose any information that will materially affect the value of the company. Information Memorandums tend to be very exhaustive as they should include items relating to the financial standing, assets and liabilities, business description, market position, clients, strategies and promotion methods, markets served, etc. of the company.


A good Information Memorandum consist of :

  • Executive Summary – Company overview Key financials and company drivers Scope of Transaction Key investment considerations.
  • Company History and milestones – Legal structure Business model Corporate vision and strategy.
  • Business – Business units and markets Products and services Customers, references, and networks.
  • Industry – Industry structure Competitors Competitive position Strategic position.
  • Resources – Organization Employees Infrastructure.
  • Operations – Suppliers and procurement Production and distribution Quality management Research and development Logistics Systems and processes Marketing and sales ABC analysis.
  • Customers – Overview of key customers, analysis of customer concentration, summary of attrition trends and projections, Detailed account of current market share etc.
  • Financials – Overview – Profit/Loss statement, Current  Balance Sheet, Cash flow statement.
  • Outlook Summarize – existing state of affairs, highlight long and short term goals, summarize main strategies utilized in market trends, summarize main growth strategies etc.


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