Point of Sales Loan

Synergy can arrange Point of Sales Loan (POS Loan), lending against POS sales in Dubai or other Emirates in the UAE through banks and financial institutions. This is a flexible finance option for merchant establishments using credit card machines for their daily transactions.


Who is it for?

Point of Sales Loan (POS Loan) / lending against POS sales is very popular in Dubai, UAE. It is ideal for businesses that have been selling goods through credit card machines.  Unlock the potential of your POS receivables. We can help you use it to support your ongoing financial needs and business growth, If you are a merchant using credit card Point of Sale (POS) machines for your daily business transactions.

Contact us for your requirement of:

  • Point of Sales Loan (POS Loan)
  • Lending against POS sales
  • Loan against POS Receivables
  • Overdraft (OD) against POS
  • POS Discounting
  • POS Financing
  • POS Receivable Finance


Why Choose us?

  • One stop solution
  • Faster processing
  • Professional expert approach
  • Better pricing & terms
  • No upfront fee, we charge on success only.


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