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Synergy Consulting is an advisory firm with extensive banking & financial experience including Corporate Banking, SME banking, Business banking, Wholesale & Institutional Banking. We help companies access bank services and products from a wide variety of leading local & International banks, Institutional lenders, Mezzanine Funds, Private Equity & Investment firms. We have a wide network of clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates in the UAE.

Creating excellence to your business!

Synergy can arrange & advise on the tailor-made banking solutions in Dubai or other Emirates in the UAE. This way business can access the best banking solution though a top professional banking consultant.

We help you to grow business

We can advise and arrange the best banking deal as per business requirements with rationalization of banking cost. Our team has an extensive experience in the banking and finance industry and enjoys healthy relations with most of the regional and international banks. Our key to success is that our clients say that we are the best banking consultants.

Who is it for?

A Good Banking solution is a need of all the business. We provide the best banking solution to the clients. We know which is the ideal bank for businesses as per their requirements.

Contact us for your requirement of:

  • Banking Advisors & Consultants
  • Financial Consultant & Advisor
  • Local & International Banking
  • Business Bank Account opening & Funding
  • Wholesale & Institutional Banking

Why Choose us?

  • One stop best banking solution
  • Faster processing
  • Professional expert approach for top banking products & services
  • Better pricing & terms
  • No upfront fee, we charge on success only
  • We make banking / finance/ funding simple



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List of National Banks in the UAE


List of Foreign Banks in the UAE (including wholesale banks)